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Game Moose is a video game, tech, tv, movies, and, table top website. Here you can find reviews, news, features, podcasts, recommendations, and, editorials, every week. We're always uploading new content, so check back often.

Game Moose is three folks dedicated to the love of all things nerdy, fun, and weird. Meet the editors:

Drew has been into nerd stuff since watching his first movie, The Empire Strikes Back, at the age of 4. A dedicated video gamer Drew's favourite games include Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario World, Mass Effect 2, Metroid, and so many more. A huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd, Drew often reviews new, and classic, super hero, fantasy, and science fiction films and television shows. Drew is also the recording tech for the Game Moose Podcast, where you can find him every week talking about all his this stuff.


Ryan is the host, and producer, of the Game Moose Podcast, and a long time gamer. Ryan is a lover of all things anime, which is closely tied to his love of classic, and modern, JPRGs. Some of his favourites include Lunar: The Silver Star, Super Metriod, and Overwatch. Ryan writes a weekly article where he recommends some of his favourite classics, or new, but overlooked games; check it out here on Game Moose. Ryan is also the resident video genius, editing much of the video content here on Game Moose.



Brock McLaughlin is another voice on the Game Moose podcast, and editor of Brockstar Gaming. He's well known face in the Toronto gaming scene. Brock got back into gaming when he fell in love with The Witcher 3, and has been rolling hard ever since. You can find him streaming on Mixer, and guesting on other podcasts, with Game Moose's friends We The Nerdy, and the Girls on Games Cast.